I love Mew Mew Power. Everyone around me thought I was seriously childish, but I am not embarrassed! I am forever and always a Mew Mew Power Fan!

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“I’d love to see Aj Lee break away from the romance storylines, get back in the ring, and become divas champion.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Trish so much. But I hate how nobody even cared about her until word got out that she was inducted into the Hall of Fame. It’s one thing to consistently obsess, and another to bandwagon.”

My cat watches the WWE with me…and oh we both love Chris Jericho!

“Trish Stratus and Lita should both be inducted into the 2013 Hall of fame.”

“I’m really glad Trish is getting Inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, she truly does deserve it. I hope Lita and Chyna will get Inducted into the Hall Of Fame too in the future. All 3 of them deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.”